Mountain Grassroots is committed to the development of mountainous regions. We support innovative projects and social entrepreneurship. We promote socially- and environmentally-friendly products. We organise tours and encourage agritourism. 


Through cost-effective advice, on-demand trainings, and networking, Mountain Grassroots supports innovative projects and social entrepreneurship in mountainous regions. The focus is on environmental initiatives aiming at reducing rural urban migration and youth unemployment, and at empowering women in society.


Socially- and environmentally-friendly products from mountainous regions are developed and promoted. Mountain Grassroots has met all producers of our offerings in person and is confident about the steps they take in making their products. We procure the products directly from the farms, at fair prices. 


Mountain Grassroots organizes encounter tours and agritourism in mountainous regions. Travellers have the opportunity to visit local projects, stay with farming families, and meet local residents.